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Frequently Asked Questions - And Answers!
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Thanks for taking time to read this page!

Below are answers to the most anticipated questions about this site along with answers which I hope will provide the information you need. If you don't see your question listed or the answer is not as complete as you had hoped, feel free to submit your inquiry via the Site Feedback Form. I will add questions and answers which I feel others might benefit from to this page as I get time.

1. How did you select the sites that are listed on the main page?
    I first listed the sites I use regularly to pursue my own collecting and historical interests. Next I reviewed the other "lists" of patch collecting sites which have been compiled by others. Then I did several internet searches, evaluating the sites presented and adding several which appeared helpful and regularly updated. In cases where there is already an excellent existing directory (ie, Dealers, Trade-O-Rees) I chose not to duplicate their outstanding efforts, but rather to link to them.

    Finally, I polled forty people active in the patch collecting community, many of them web site developers, asking them to review the site prototype and provide their input and suggestions. I received several excellent site addition recommendations which I eagerly implemented.

2. Why did you leave my favorite site off the main page?
    I may not be aware of it - please use the Site Feedback Form to to send me the link and a description of the site and why you find it particularly useful. I would encourage you to add any site you find helpful to the Free-For-All Links Page so that other Scout Patch Collectors can benefit from your insight immediately. Please submit your site in the appropriate category so that visitors will be able to find it quickly.
3. Will you add my web site to the main page?
    I will be happy to consider all sites, and encourage you to use the Site Feedback Form to to let me know about your web site. I do want to keep content on the main page streamlined and must therefore respectfully decline some requests to be included on the main page. You are always welcome to add your web site to the Free-For-All Links Page. Please submit your site in the appropriate category so that visitors will be able to find it quickly.
4. Do people pay for placement of their links on the main page?
    No. This site is a non-profit enterprise that does not seek to generate revenue in any way, shape, or form. The original version of the main page included areas to search AltaVista and AuctionWatch directly, and those generated a miniscule amount of revenue (literally pennies), but they were removed to speed loading time and to accomodate those who were put off by the appearance of commercialism on this site.
5. Did you get permission to put links to the sites you included on the main page?
    I have specifically requested permission from the owner of each site I link to. Every site owner who responded has granted approval. If you are the owner of any web site I include and do NOT want to be listed, please notify me and I will cheerfully remove all traces to your site from my web pages. If you are the owner of a web site and would like revisions to how I link to your pages or the category you are placed in or whatever, just send me an email and I will be more than happy to work with you.
6. Are you a Scout patch collector or dealer?
    I am an avid collector for a rather specialized group of Scout memorabilia, specifically items from my former Council and OA Lodge. You can find more details at my site devoted to the History and Emblems of Kecoughtan Lodge. No, I am not a dealer, though I spend too much time on ebay looking for items to bid on that fit my collecting interests.
7. Can I put a link to The Scout Patch Collector's Base Camp main page on my site? How?
    Sure! I would appreciate your helping spread the word about this site! If you link to this site please refer to it by it's full name of "The Scout Patch Collector's Base Camp" and use the following URL:

    For example, you could say something like:

    "If you are looking for Scout patch information on the internet, The Scout Patch Collector's Base Camp is a great place to begin."

    Graphic Badges For Webmasters

    To recognize the substantial ongoing efforts of web developers who create and share the invaluable resources linked from The Scout Patch Collector's Base Camp, I have created small graphic badges designed exclusively for display on sites which are featured here. See this page for details.

    Anyone is welcome to display one of these graphic buttons:

Large Base Camp Badge

Visit The Scout Patch Collector's Base Camp

    To insert this link button on your web page, just copy and paste the following HTML code:

    <a href=""><img height="150" width="150" src="" border="0" alt="Visit The Scout Patch Collector's Base Camp"></a>

Small Base Camp Badge

Visit The Scout Patch Collector's Base Camp

    To insert this link button on your web page, just copy and paste the following HTML code:

    <a href=""><img height="100" width="100" src="" border="0" alt="Visit The Scout Patch Collector's Base Camp"></a>

8. The URL for your web site is too hard to remember. Can't you get a shorter, easier to remember one?
9. Why do you have banner ads? Are you recommending or endorsing those sites?
    You will notice ads on pages which are hosted by another server to provide functionality that I cannot - namely, the Free-For-All Links page, the PatchCamp Poll page, and the Site Feedback page. Those pages are actually hosted at no cost in exchange for their permission to include advertising banners. This site gets zero revenue from the ads, and we do not recommend or endorse the companies represented in those ads in any way. If they bother you I recommend that you notify the service provider that you find them offensive.
10. What do I do if a link doesn't work?
    Please report any nonworking links to me so that I can test them and remove them if they are no longer functional.
11. Are you collecting personal information about me while I visit your site?
    This site collects information which is assessed in aggregate so that I can better understand the collective characteristics of the users of the site and act accordingly to insure their experience here is the best I can make it. For example, as mentioned above, this site tracks which links on these pages you click on. Information such as browser version, monitor resolution, color depth, operating system and date and time of visit is also tallied. You are welcome to view the current visitor statistics anytime to see the same information I do. Be assured that no information about individual activity is archived.
12. Why is the main page so slow to load sometimes?
    There are many factors which can cause a web page to load slowly. Other than the obvious circumstances which can plague all internet sites (network congestion, server overload, etc.) one problem can occur when a graphic image from a remote server doesn't load as fast as it should. Since the counter services rely on this function to keep an accurate tally, the images at the bottom of the page will sometimes cause a short delay while they are retrieved from a remote server. This seems to occur more often with Netscape than Internet Explorer. If you don't want to wait, click the "Stop" button at the top of your browser and you can almost always see the rest of the page without the delayed graphic. If none of the page appears then you will need to click the "reload" button in your browser.
13. Why did you decide to create this site?
    I had been thinking for sometime that I needed to create a "launch pad" type home page for the web sites that I access most to pursue my hobby of collecting and trading Scout patches. When I finally got around to collecting and categorizing the links to organize it I wondered if it might be of use to fellow collectors. I also wondered if there are internet sites that I don't know about which others could submit for everyone's benefit.

    I considered the idea of using one of the internet "bookmark sharing services" but quickly decided that the level of administration would not suit what I hoped to achieve. So I decided to create a central web page for links that would appeal to a broad audience and at the same time be of the most use to someone just starting out in the hobby, and offer a secondary page (with defined categories) where anyone can submit a site description and link.

    I was prompted to actually execute my plans by a recent post to the Patch-L mailing list from a collector who had lost all of his internet bookmarks in a computer crash and sent out an appeal to fellow collectors asking for their favorite URL's for Scout patches. The next day he posted a message of thanks for the overwhelming response he received.

14. What tools did you use to create this site?
    The site was authored on a Power Macintosh G3. Applications used are Adobe's GoLive CyberStudio for web page layout and design, BareBones Software's BBEdit for HTML code tweaking and validation, and Macromedia Fireworks, Adobe PhotoShop and Adobe ImageReady for graphics. Several functions of the site are handled by outsourced services, fortunately, all free. Counters are provided by BCentral and Extreme Tracking. The Free-For-All Links page is hosted by BraveNet Web Services.
15. Why did you name this site "The Scout Patch Collector's Base Camp?"
    The site began as "The Scout Patch Trader's Home Page." I changed it to reflect the intention of the site to become a central gathering place not just to share information but to also foster fellowship and camaraderie as we each seek to improve our collections and help preserve the rich heritage of Scouting through its emblems and memorabilia.
16. What plans do you have for future development of the site?
    My immediate goal is to get the site online and word spread about it so that it can begin to serve its original purpose. I have many ideas for additional features I would like to implement, but I'm holding off until I can be certain that the basic premise and functionality are solid.

    Meanwhile, if you have an idea or suggestion on how the site might be improved I strongly encourage you to use the Site Feedback Form to to let me know!

The Scout Patch Collector's Base Camp

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